Maps and Downloads for Sommer Sports Events
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Maps and Downloads for Sommer Sports Events

Resources/Maps & Downloads
Event maps and downloads related to Sommer Sports Events. Please note that all courses are subject to change.

Event Maps & Downloads

Please note that all course maps posted below are subject to change. If a course map has been revised or updated since it was originally posted, the revision date will be noted. Bike and run course maps are hosted on either or and will open in a new window. Course maps can be downloaded from the host platform in various file formats and easily imported into your device.

Clermont Area Maps

Clermont Parking Map

Clermont Waterfront Park

Clermont Victory Pointe

AdventHealth Cool Sommer Mornings Triathlon-Duathlon-5K Series

Multisport Athlete Guide (2024)

Important Course Information for International Distance Athletes (Coming Soon!)

Transition Map 

Swim Course (Coming Soon!)

Swim Wave Start Times (June 2024)

5K Athlete Guide (2024)

5K Run Course (2024)

Du Run #1 - 1 mile (2024)

8.2 Mile Sprint Triathlon Bike Course (international distance athletes complete 2 laps) (2024)

AdventHealth Great Floridian Triathlon

GFT Sprint Triathlon 8 mile Bike Course (2023)

GFT 13.1 Run & Sunset Half Marathon Run Course (2023)

GFT Sprint 3.1 mile Run Course (2023)

Swim Course (2023)

GFT 44 Bike Course (2024)

Nightmare on the Clermont Trails

5K Run

AdventHealth Santa's Twilight 5K

Santa's Twilight 5K - Clermont (2024)

AdventHealth Lake Apopka 30K

2024 Athlete Guide

2024 Course Map

AdventHealth Moonlight Beach Run

10K Map (2023)

5K Map (2023)

AdventHealth Pump House Run

8 Miler (2023)

5K (2023)

AdventHealth Great Clermont Triathlon

USA Triathlon Rules

Great Clermont Triathlon Athlete Guide  (UPDATED 3/5/24)

Great Clermont Swim Start Times and Swim Waves  (UPDATED 3/5/24)

Great Clermont Swim Courses  (UPDATED 3/5/24)

Transition Map for Great Clermont Triathlon  (UPDATED 3/5/24)

Great Clermont 40K Bike Course    PDF File  (UPDATED 3/5/24)

Great Clermont Sprint Triathlon 8.2 mile Bike Course  PDF File   (UPDATED 3/5/24)

Great Clermont 40K Bike Course - Key Alerts (UPDATED 3/5/24)

Bike Course Alert - 3rd Street - All Distances (UPDATED 3/5/24)

Great Clermont Sprint Triathlon 3.1 mile Run Course (UPDATED 1/5/25)

Great Clermont Triathlon-Duathlon 10K Run Course (UPDATED 1/25/24)

Great Clermont Olympic Duathlon Run #1 - 5K Course (UPDATED 1/25/24)

Great Clermont Sprint Duathlon Run #1 (UPDATED 1/25/24)

Lake Minneola Half Marathon

Half Marathon Map 

10K Map

5K Map 

Earth Day 5 Miler & 2 Miler

5 mile Course 

2 mile Course 

Lake Minneola Sunset Triathlon-Duathlon-5K

Wave Start Times (2022)

8 mile Bike Course (2024)

5K Run Course (2024)

Clermont Clay U Run U Pick Blueberry 5K

5K Run Course (2024)

5K Run Course previous years

Girlz on Fire Triathlon-Duathlon-5K

USA Triathlon Rules

2024 Waves & Start Times

8.2 mile Bike Course (2024)

5K Run Course (2024)

2024 Athlete Guide

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