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Help us introduce the next great event!

Sommer Sports is continuously looking for new and exciting event venues and opportunities. Do you know of a perfect place for a major run and always wondered why an event has not been held there before? Did you race a really cool event somewhere else and are wishing a similar event would take place locally?  Do you love our Clermont events but wish we held similar events closer to your hometown? Perhaps you have a great idea for an event that has not been offered before and want to share your idea with a team that can make it happen?   

Now's your chance to help bring your dream event to reality!  There's no guarantee your idea will come to fruition, but if we decide to make the event happen, you'll be the first to know! You'll also be rewarded with a pack of complimentary entries along with a VIP package to the event! Who doesn't love seeing their dreams and ideas come to reality! 

Just submit your idea(s) via the simple form below and we'll perform the due diligence it takes behind the scenes to determine the feasibility of bringing your idea to life.

Thanks for your support!


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